We’ve carefully crafted each 5000fish product with extreme usability. Just because most of our users are technology buffs, doesn’t mean that they have the time or desire to learn a new product. Expect a small learning curve and with immediate results.  Learn more about our software by exploring the links below.


Business Intelligence

Yurbi is a business solution that connects your 2 biggest assets; the critical business data you have in your applications with the people who need access to that information to make fact driven business decisions.

Data Integration

Flowdot provides a powerful workflow based solution for integrating data between applications, automating processes, and building data repositories without complex code or long projects.

Behold the Power of Email

MailSync allows Help Desk Analysts to access CA Service Desk data and BMC Remedy data through Microsoft Outlook. Creating new tickets and updating existing tickets is no longer restricted to the confines of the desktop, now you can access Help Desk data anywhere through email.

Lifecycle Reporting

Monitor and measure the lifecycle of your ITSM processes. InsightWorthy integrates with your existing Service Management software so you can discover trends and potential improvements.