Business Intelligence


Yurbi is a business solution that connects your two biggest assets: the critical business data you have in your applications and the people who need access to that info to make fact-driven business decisions.

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Data Integration


FlowDot provides a powerful workflow-based solution for integrating data among applications, automating processes and building data repositories without complex code or long projects.

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Life cycle Reporting


Monitor and measure the life cycle of your ITSM processes. InsightWorthy integrates with your existing service management software so you can discover trends and potential areas for improvement.

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Our Guiding Philosophy

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our goal at 5000fish is to make your life easier and your business more successful. We think our software will do that. But we also rely on our core values to build rewarding long-term relationships with our customers, our partners and our team.

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Customer Success

Customer Success, Not Support

We're a customer service company at heart, and we focus on you first and foremost in every aspect of our business. We back each of our software solutions up with concierge-level support to ensure you're successful in your business, not just with our software. Our motto is simple: When you're successful, we're successful.

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Optimized for Business Users

Optimized for Business Users

We've carefully crafted each 5000fish product for extreme usability. Just because most of our users are technology buffs doesn't mean that they have the time to dedicate to learning new products. Expect a modest learning curve and immediate results.

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We believe you are whom you associate with.

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