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What can I do with MailSync?

MailSync is an Outlook Plug-In that lets Service Desk Analysts interact with live data from their Service Desk systems in Microsoft Outlook. Create new tickets, update existing tickets, log comments, and share information with other analysts all through a single email.

How Can MailSync Change Service Desk workflow?

MailSync changes the workflow at the Service Desk by enabling analysts to perform lengthy help desk functions via email. With MailSync, you can easily integrate Outlook into your service desk workflow; it lets you create new tickets, update existing tickets, log comments and assign key information simply by sending an email.

Why be forced to use a web-based tool when you’re perfectly comfortable just sending a message?
Why should you have to continuously copy and paste information from your e-mail into Service Desk?

MailSync is the simple solution for bridging the gap. When you’re on the go, it’s easier to fire-off a quick email than to load-up and log into a web site on your desktop. MailSync is the perfect solution for exchanging information with CA Service Desk while you’re on the go.

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