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Integrate, Automate, Secure

Imagine your organization integrating data between applications, improving data quality, and automating processes. Imagine your organization using an easy configuration, not coding, to implement this approach. Imagine your organization dramatically reducing the cost and time of integration.

Meet FlowDot – where your organization can make these images a reality.

Integration Challenges Increase Costs

Does your organization spend many hours manually copying and/or populating data between systems or spend many hours keeping a set of complicated integration scripts monitored and running? FlowDot cuts costs by integrating applications and automating processes, reducing the many hours your organization usually spends on these tasks down to a few minutes.

No Coding Necessary

FlowDot provides an easy to use, drag and drop interface, which requires only configuration, no custom coding. This saves considerable time and cost compared to the alternatives of writing custom scripts or coding, implementing complex and limited out-of-the-box vendor tools, or implementing expensive third-party integration tools. FlowDot creates powerful and intelligent workflows to automate data migration and process automation.

FlowDot Integrates with:

  • Microsoft® SQL and Oracle®databases
  • Custom and Vendor ODBC Compliant Databases
  • CA Service Desk Manager Web Services API
  • POP3 and IMAP Compliant email systems

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