What is Customer Success?

Simply put, Customer Success means when you’re successful, we’re successful.

We’ve been in your shoes before – given a new piece of technology and told to either implement it or take over supporting it once a crew of professional services consultants have finished setting it up. And all that’s there to assist in this quest? Some (usually weak) documentation, a phone number to Product Support, and a boss expecting results – or even worse, just an email address and a website with some articles on support.

We know how frustrating it can be when you call Product Support and experience long waits, the endless pressing of buttons trying to get through phone trees, and the pain of dealing with a level 1 person who asks for a million pieces of useless information only to transfer you to a level 2 person who asks for the same – not to mention the most aggravating thing of all: being told, “That’s not an issue with our product. You need to speak to ABC” (where “ABC” is any combination of additional vendors, professional services organizations or people other than the makers of the software you are trying to use).

So we decided to be different.

At 5000fish we take a lot of pride in creating great software – like Yurbi, for example – but we don’t consider ourselves a software company. In both our hearts and minds, we know we were put on this earth to serve customers first and foremost. And to demonstrate that to you, instead of having just another average Product Support department, we built a Customer Success team.

We call our customer service “Customer Success” because, in short, that is our ultimate goal. We don’t just want to provide you support on our software; we want to ensure that your organization experiences the success that drove you to choose our software in the first place. We live to go the extra mile.

Here’s what Customer Success means for you: Anytime you need anything related to our software, just contact us, and we’ll do our best to help.

Our Customer Success team is always here to serve you. And the best part about it? There is no additional cost for leveraging our Customer Success team; it’s included in your software subscription.

Contact Us

Yes, it’s that simple.

Want help with your install? We’ll do a screen share and walk you through it. Need help building a report or dashboard? We’ll help you there too. Want to discuss something you need to do but don’t know how to start in Yurbi? Contact us.

So when does Customer Success end and professional services or training services start? Read the answer now.

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