CA Service Desk Manager Dashboards & Reporting

Businesses running CA Service Desk Manager have, by definition, expressed a sincere desire to improve the efficiency & utilization of their support system. CA Service Desk Manager incorporates a layer of dashboards & reports, allowing organizations to measure the performance of certain metrics over time. So where does a high quality Business Intelligence Software Company like Yurbi fit into the picture? As a business intelligence platform, Yurbi allows people to create customized dashboards and in-depth reports, assign user-level access to certain data, share and/or export reports – everything you’d expect a robust BI application to be able to do.

One of the major differentiations between Yurbi and other BI applications involves simple database integration. Without getting too technical, Yurbi is able to combine the data across a huge variety of applications and serve as the organization’s centralized database. Combining this multi-database functionality with incredibly robust dashboard and reporting capabilities allows businesses to become more efficient. This means that businesses running CA Service Desk Manager can, after installing Yurbi and syncing data sources, can create reports based off of this combined data.

Check out this 2-minute video to see how easy it is to build CA Service Desk Manager reports with Yurbi.

But it gets better. Yurbi was designed for ease of use (without sacrificing functionality). This means out-of-the-box functionality across a variety of software and vendors, installation & implementation takes hours or days (instead of weeks or months), and an unparalleled user-experience.

As previously mentioned, one of Yurbi’s most useful capabilities is its ability to serve as the centralized data hub for any organization. And we’re not referring to a data warehouse. Yurbi, in true next-generation fashion, eliminates the need for businesses to build data warehouses to facilitate database integration. The cost and time savings from eliminating data warehouses are substantial. Yurbi can integrate with an unlimited number of data sources, and by doing so it gives users the power to create dashboards and reports across all of their data. For businesses running CA Service Desk, this means that you can use Yurbi to integrate CA Service Desk data with, for example, inventory systems, accounting, HR, project management, asset management, etc.

And while we’re at it, we’ll add that Yurbi works just the same with CA Asset Manager, CA Clarity, and more. If you’re interested in seeing Yurbi + CA Service Desk Manager in action, please request a demo!